Arthur 4-Ply (Wensleydale)

Arthur 4-Ply is a smooth, crisp yarn spun from the finest British Wensleydale. It has a 2-ply construction and is a good all-round, general purpose 4-ply/fingering weight yarn. Wensleydale wool is the finest and most valuable lustre longwool in the world, having commanded the highest price in the British Wool Marketing Board’s Wool Schedule over recent years. The long staple length allows for a softer spin on the yarn and gives it a strong resistance against pilling, and the superb lustre gives colours an unparalleled inner glow.

Each 100 gram hank is approximately 350 metres of yarn, and is spun in Yorkshire. I would recommend a hand-wash with gentle detergent in hand-hot water in order to keep the colours looking their best.

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  • Spittingcat Kettle - Semi-solid light to mid surf grey, with sea green and turquoise tones hand-dyed Wensleydale DK/ Double Knit yarn. Hand-dyed by Triskelion Yarn

    Arthur 4-Ply – Spittingcat Kettle

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